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What is Fuddoxx?

Fuddoxx can be described as a revolution within the modern crypto market, forming a secure bridge between investors and projects to help minimize scams and frauds with the increasing market adoption. We are a service designed to help show people that you are a SAFE investment project, and they are secure investing into it. A team of professionals at Fuddoxx will evaluate and verify that your contract is a safe investment. We will collect certain personal information from one or more of your developers which will be securely held by us and we will share a pre agreed portion of this information if you decide to rug or scam your investors. Once we verify all the information and only then will we give you an electronic Fuddoxx stamp of approval that you can post on your platform to confirm that you are Fuddoxx approved. Let’s not wait any longer, contact us today and let's get you verified! As a crypto investor in the BNB Market, we are sure that you are tired of always jumping onto the next big thing to find out to late that it is a scam. Well, we here at Fuddoxx are here to help you buy secure tokens without the hassle of being worried that your investment is going to disappear. A team with years of experience in the crypto market are vetting every project we partner with, making sure it's always scam proof for our customers. Not only are we vetting contracts, but we also store Doxxed information regarding each project as insurance for the worst-case scenario. Look for our verified certificate and Stamp of approval. Feel assured and invest with ease.
Fuddoxx – “We keep your money as safe as possible, so you don’t have to!”
Investing in our projects cant be 100% safe and is no financial advice. Always DYOR. Only invest what you can afford!

Fuddoxx PTY LTD?

Since March 16,  2022 Fuddoxx is a registered company called Fuddoxx PTY LTD.



Token Name
Fuddoxx Token


Binance Smart Chain

Smart Contract Adress

Total Supply

Circulating Supply

Max Transaction Amount

Max Wallet Amount

12% Buy & Sell Tax
2% LP
5% Marketing
5% Reflections*

Every Fuddoxx Token holder will receive their reflections straight into their wallet. The top 50 holders will also receive the monthly Vault Airdrops.


Under construction.

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Paul Lagwa


@W1CK77 🇦🇺

Clinton Chase

Business Development Manager / Web Designer

@Fuddoxx_Chase 🇬🇧

Diana Marolina

Social Media Coordinator

@Dianafdox 🇵🇭

Zain Valli

Crypto advisor & motivator

@Zainmalik30 🇬🇧

Michael Everson

Creative Director Partner

@Mike_EvE  🇺🇸 

Marc-luc solignac-lecomte

RnD marketing and promotions

@Cryptoyak69 🇦🇺

Leon Dekker

Blockchain Investigator / Web Designer

@ANCrypto57 🇳🇱

Michael Sislo

Chief Media / Technology Designer

@Papa_Drax 🇺🇸

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