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What is BabyAmple?

We are AmpleForth’s baby on the BNB chain. Our goal is to increase use of Ample on the BNB chain and strengthen the ecosystem.




BabyAmple offers a complete value proposition that combines rewards with divers utilities. This will unlock endless possibilities with community support, while the following are some expected options. * Play-to-Earn: BabyAmple will have lot of fun games that’ll allow all kinds of users to enjoy their time while earning a real income. These could be anything from simple riddles to full-blown narrative gameplays. * FREE NFTs: BabyAmple will launch and giveaway free NFTs to encourage community feelings and participation. *LP Staking: BabyAmple will offer various liquidity pools to help users generate passive income by staking. *Learn-to-Earn: BabyAmple will bring interactive programs and challenges where users can earn by learning new and exciting stuffs.