What is Beers and Crypto Tears?

Beers & Crypto Tears is a place for many things!

Have some Beers, or shed some Tears!

BCT is a non-specific token group for KYC’d developers to collaborate and possibly join forces for helping each others projects. A way for safe people to find other safe people to work with so to speak.

BCT is also a place for these developers to bring their own Telegram group of investors into. By doing this they will be exposing their investors into safer projects to invest in because all projects “featured” in BCT have a KYC certificate. When all the projects bring their real investors over, all the projects will now have a much larger pool of new investors to market to inside of the BCT group.

BCT is for both Developers and Investors equally. Developers have a tag on their name so investors know which project they run and can ask questions appropriately.

When project developers do a KYC, AMA, and leave a tip in the tip jar for the top 50 Fuddoxx holders to be dispersed after 30 days of vesting, then those projects basically earn ownership in the BCT group so to speak.

After their AMA the room is theirs to Shill, give updates, hold VC’s etc. At any time.

We offer a Fun, Relaxed and Informative style video AMA “On The Couch with Wick” for our KYC’d projects and we will occasionally do a “Gamble Play” call if it seems decent “DYOR on these, and we only post if we are willing to throw a few bucks ourselves”

We always fully want to continue supporting all projects days, weeks, and months after they join our BCT family. That just isn’t found anywhere else.

Most importantly is that BCT is a Fun, Friendly and Safer place to find investments and partnerships and bring quality people together for Investing, Friendships and Fun Crypto Banter.

Welcome to the BCT Family!

Want to book an AMA?

Please contact @W1CK77 on telegram to schedule an AMA. 

Upcoming AMA’s.


Completed AMA’s.

Completed AMA video’s.

Soon you will be able to find all the AMA videos held here!