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BSC Contract: 0xC1ea402B5f953b9fdB0550c7105bcA2d445F24EC

What is BlockFlix?

The first ever BSC movie token!

A token that is powered by a streaming service providing users with movies and TV series for a monthly subscription. BlockFlix is the Token used to buy the subscription.

This is something special here! To access premium content and watch high quality movies on! ” BLOCK” tokens are needed, 50% tokens received from premium activations are burned and 50 % will be shared to community via lottery! If credit card or paypal is used for purchase Premium account, then 50% from payment will be used for buyback and of course thos tokens will be burned!


Total supply is 1 billion tokens, called “Block”. Tokens will be needed for premium content viewing.

3% Tax is allocated for continuous development.

We keep working and better out product to years to come!

3% Tax is allocated for marketing efforts

Marketing will be active and agressive

2% Tax is shared between holders, 1% Tax is added to liquidity

Holders will be reward handsomely and of course we need to make sure price floor will be rising that is why we auto add to liquidity pool.