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Crypto Entertainment LTD.

CryptoEntertainment LTD is the next gen entertainment company! We unite fun and crypto in a different way. While we are building a huge ecosystem that aims to make you good ROI‘s, we will also aim to help kids and animals in need!

Invest now in a great future, a great team, a great company. We dont stop working just because the market doesnt look good. We are passionate, we are working on our dreams, for you and everyone else that want’s to invest in a safe environment!

Our Limited Company has 2 Directors currently. Our CEO Manuel/Lord Crypto and our CTO David/Papa Davey.

CryptoEntertainment LTD is actually the home of 8 Brands!

0xd633BFcAB889C4A50b6256Bd4c4ebF1E55114B1f (MOOP)

0xbBa364c593CdEd7c3414cf91DCAbB6Dbc8EC5AF3 (DIP)

Audited by PapaExchange

PapaExchange offers extensive smart contract auditing for upcoming and existing smart contracts. Please contact them for any price inquiries!

Short overview about our Projects (Click on the Logo to visit their Website)

Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 00-09-19 CryptoEntertainment ltd. – Your entry to the Future
Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 00-09-12 CryptoEntertainment ltd. – Your entry to the Future