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Contract: 0x5774F0e73bb1C0957dD7442b2442c6F77C10aaA1

What is Elitheum?

Elitheum is a frictionless dual yield BEP20 Token, meaning it was built on the Binance Smart Chain network with just one thing in mind;

Exponential growth.

Elitheum //Tokenomics evolved;

Static redistribution and automatic buy back functionality meets external yield mining, education and coin promotion. Elitheum autonomously generates BNB from every transaction, into a company owned investment wallet. This BNB will be staked in yield mines that can generate 20-30% monthly profit that will be compounded and used to buy and burn even more tokens, ensuring consistent exponential growth. Combine this with the buy back functionality built into our tokenomics and Elitheum will become the world’s first self sustaining token. Elitheum is building a whole ecosystem which will generate revenue that will be used to buy and burn Elitheum tokens, locking in the value. For more information why not read the first draft of our whitepaper?