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Contract: 0x9e54e3E995DD99174bF436CD36CAA75756c6CeAb

What is Florkinomics?


Florkinomics was created as way to share Flork of Cows comics, parodies and derivative art/culture to the crypto community through the use of blockchain technologies (Token, NFTS, and Web3 Dapps). 


The Plan 

The project intends to establish a line of communication with the creator of the series through widespread exposure to both crypto and non-crypto audiences, and to earn his support as we make Flork of Cows the biggest meme on the planet. 


Our Values: Transparency 

Investors and community members should have insight into a project’s processes to establish trust. With blockchain technology users are able to view everything that happens across all of the services of Florkinomics. 



The team are known in the BSC community and are committed to KYC and audit services to increase trust. At appropriate times, all members of the team will publicly identify themselves. Any legal/civil action brought upon the project will be the responsibility of the team. 



With smart contract technology, all of our services are as decentralized as possible on Binance Smart Chain. This allows for a community-driven economy with those members guiding the direction and success of the project. 


Community Focused 

At the very core of every DEFI project is the vibrant community that supports it. Through FLORKDAO and daily interaction with the community, the team can continue to deliver services and events, guided by user’s input. In this way Florkinomics will create the most effective content and services. 




Integral to the entire project is the collection of 2222 randomly generated NFTs on Binance Smart Chain. These NFTs will give holders an array of utility throughout the ecosystem.


Colored Florks NFT Collection 

The Florkinomics “Colored Florks” NFT collection went live on June 29th, 2022. There are 2222 images to collect consisting of original and hand-drawn assets. It uses an innovative reward system to redistribute BNB mint revenue and token transaction taxes back to existing NFT holders. The rewards are attached to the NFT and can be transferred upon sale to a new user. The cost to mint a single NFT is 0.1 BNB. 10 NFTs were gifted to the contract developer and the NFT artist. 


Adding Your NFT to Wallet 

When minting an NFT on our minting dapp it will automatically be stored in your wallet on the blockchain to be viewed on bscscan. You can also view the NFT at or in Florkinomics very own NFT buybot and rarity checker found in our telegram group. 


Depending on the wallet you use, some have a way of viewing the NFT directly in their app.If you use Trust Wallet it should automatically appear after a few minutes directly in the NFTs section. If you use MetaMask mobile add the contract address and your token ID which you can find on the collection page to have it show up in the app. 


Colored Florks (CFLORKS) BNB Address: 0xA2b49b38f74046A9c5f7A92D0C5635DbF8342852 



The Colored Florks NFT Collection have many utilities live and in development to increase both value to holders and volume of sales. 


BNB Rewards – There are three main ways holders receive BNB rewards; Mint revenue, token fee, and mint lottery. 

Mint Revenue: 50% of minting revenue is automatically redistributed in BNB back to existing holders of Colored Florks NFTs.

Token Fee: 1% of all transactions on the Florkin bep20 token are automatically redistributed to existing Colored Florks holders. 

Mint Lottery: Every 100 NFTs minted, one of the minters in that batch of 100 NFTs will win 1 BNB. The wallets are entered into a prize draw and the reward is presented live to the winner. 


FLORKDAO – Our innovative decentralized autonomous organization allows for holders of both Colored Flork NFTs and Florkin token to shape the Florkinomics ecosystem with the governance power bestowed upon them. Every NFT holds the equivalent voting power of holding 0.07% of the total supply of FLORKIN. This means that governance power can be greatly increased through the acquisition of Colored Flork NFTs both through minting and the secondary market. Under Development Custom NFTs: Holders of 10 Colored Florks NFTs can submit a form to update the metadata of one of their florks into a one-of-a-kind and original flork. These custom florks will remain in the same collection of the original 2222 Colored Florks and replace the one they choose. A small fee of 0.4 BNB will be evenly divided between the artist and the marketing budget. 


Flork Arcade: Holders of Colored Florks NFTs will gain exclusive access to the Flork Arcade. Inside will be highly addicting and easy-to-play Florkified versions of nostalgic internet games. NFT holders will be challenged to win the games and build up their scores to win exciting FLORKIN prizes. 


Virtual Flork Conventions: Holders of Colored Florks NFTs will also gain access to virtual events, concerts, and promotions only available by holding the NFTs. Log on to a personal adventure made possible by Web3.0 and VR technology. 



The Florkinomics team has developed a decentralized autonomous organization that holders of NFTs and tokens may participate in. 


Voting Process 

All holders of tokens or NFTs can vote. Even a single token will give a single voting power point. For every token or NFT held, the voting power of the holder will increase. NFTs are weighted as having an equivalent of 0.07% of the total supply of tokens. This amounts to 70,000,000,000,000 tokens worth of weighted voting power per NFT. 


Proposal Process 

Any holder of 1.5% of the total token supply, (which is 1,500,000,000,000,000 FLORKIN) can create a proposal in the DAO. All current holders of FLORKIN and CFLORKS can then vote on the proposal. The one making the proposal can choose the question, description, voting type and options to select. When a proposal passes the team will review it and though most will be honored, they must meet three criteria. The proposal must be appropriate, feasible and with the overall project’s best interest. If all criteria are met the proposal will be enacted and the team will provide a timeline for delivery. If it doesn’t meet the criteria then the team will explain why as well. 


Coming Soon: DAO Treasury 


Florkin Flip 

This innovative web3.0 dapp allows players to enter a coin flip game in which they can double their wager. 


Playing the Game 

1. Go the website 

2. Connect any BSC wallet containing BNB or $Florkin tokens. 

3. Select the currency you would like to wager (BNB or $Florkin). 

4. Pick heads or tails. 5. Make a wager (Max 0.5 BNB) 

6. Flip the Coin. (Your bet will appear on the Florkin Flip telegram bot in our main telegram chat). 

7. Your game begins. 

8. Game ends 3 transaction blocks after your flip (this means others will need to play the game for your game to end). 

9. After 3 transaction blocks if you won your wager, a message will appear in the main telegram on our telegram bot and you will receive your prize. 


Collecting Your Earnings 

After you have won the game you can claim your rewards directly on the Florkin Flip dapp. The amount next to the currency will increase if you have earnings to claim. You then click on the currency you would like to claim. Confirm the transaction and receive your prize!