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FUCOIN is the official currency of the Fu Ecosystem. We are the Blockchain’s first Life Insurance Company. Our Dapp (launching Q1 2023) will allow members from all around the World to be able to get affordable life insurance with concrete contracts, all stored on the blockchain.


FuLife is the backbone of the FuCoin Ecosystem. We will connect people globally with insurance advisors in their local region. You will be able to get a custom quote based on your personal needs directly from an advisor in your local state/area. Each advisor will be licensed to provide insurance facilities in their respective regions, making the legal process easier and compliant with local regulations. Insurance premiums will be paid in USDT, and payouts will be made in USDT or BUSD(client’s choice). Clients can buy and hold our token to earn dividends on a daily basis which in turn can be used towards their monthly insurance premiums. The Dapp test run starts on Christmas 2022, and the full launch is in Q1 2023. We will revolutionize the Life Insurance Industry, by bringing it to the Blockchain.


The social media Platform will be called FuSocial. Each member of the platform will receive a FREE NFT at signup, which they can use to represent themselves on the platform. Users will be able to upgrade these NFTs cosmetically, by simply interacting with others on the platform, or by purchasing upgrades/New NFTs through our FuShop platform (more details on that to come). FuSocial will also have a marketplace in which you will be able to sell your NFTs for our local token $FUCN. This Dapp will also have end-to-end encrypted messaging, and a very interactive and engaging GUI.


Release date
Launched in September, 2022