Privacy has a special place in our lives and so does it in the crypto space. People may not want to reveal their identities for different reasons. Unfortunately, we often come across scams in the crypto space. This is negative for the entire crypto space and for all investors. This is where our KYC service comes into play.

Our KYC service
It can be seen as a security bridge between project owners/developers and investors and is here to make the crypto space safer and more reliable.

To project owners/developers: We identifying you completely private and keeping the given information confidential.
To investors: We give you a factor of trust to invest in crypto.

It should be noted that the KYC process does not make a project completely safe. If the project does rug pull or scam, we publish the identity of the project owner/developer once we have done our full investigation.

Who can access the information?
The information given to us during the KYC process is stored securely on our systems. Only the core members of Fuddoxx have acces to this information. Stored data will never be shared with others.

More information
Do you want to check if a project is KYC verified with us? Please check out our Projects page.
Do you want to be KYC verified? Please fill in the forms below.

KYC Forms.

Project KYC form.

Use this form to start the KYC process with Fuddoxx. Our KYC specialist will contact you when we have received your form.

Team Member KYC form.

Use this form to add extra developers or team members to your project. All members with control of the project should be KYC’d.

Basic KYC form.

A general KYC form that isn’t directly linked to running a Crypto project. If you offer a service this will be the form for you to use.