Military Finance

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Military Finance

BSC Contract: 0xf5015995376a35b10dcBD96BA6B6e9de1c9f87c5
ETH Contract: 0x512Abe7B6299AE9a8de3A02E964eBca0926C3e49

What is Military Finance?

Military Finance aims to creating a better support system for veterans through blockchain technology.

Military Finance is a project which aims to give back to veterans and emergency service personnel. Indeed, 1.5% of all buys & sells will go to the charity wallet. Community members will decide where donations go through a DAO. 

This is a project I’m really passionate about. As a veteran myself, I have witnessed first-hand how vital the support they are helping to provide really is. Mil Finance is going through an extremely exciting transition right now, as they gear up to launch another token & widen their ecosystem. They are in talks with some big name military celebrities & have already signed on Andy Stumpf – an ex navy seal & past guest on the Joe Rogan Experience.