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Revarium. Rev for Revolution. Arium to denote the place it begins. Our mission is to eliminate the crypto space from bad actors, scammers, and negativity.

Utility # 1

A platform where legitimate projects can authenticate themselves. Projects that want the REV stamp of approval will go through a stringent authentication/ certification /security / doxxing procedure and only after passing the audit will they be labeled with the REV stamp of approval to be listed on our platform.

Utility #2

We will create a new standard for trending. Via a bsc, eth, and multi-chain trending and buy bot (powered by REV) so that only legitimate projects advertise trending for their respective chains. Only project that pass our security verification will be allowed to trend, thereby eliminating scam artists and protecting investors.

Utility #3

A layer 2 blockchain for REV projects that will not condone scams, rug pulls, farming etc. On top of the blockchain, we will have a platform where everyone can see which projects have passed our authenticity/security checks.


Release date
Launched in march, 2023