What is the FuddoxxVault?

The vault is a new and exciting way to generate new holders for any project whether you are new or an existing project in the crypto space. We will provide you with an AMA filled with genuine investors looking for their next project to add to their ever-growing portfolios. We also provide KYC for the projects creating community positivity and trust which leads to more investors investing. The Vault will mature your donated tokens over 15 days, the equivalent of $500 worth of tokens would work out at $20 for everyone in the top 25 holders of Fuddoxx, now all of those in the top 25 will be working for your project to help build it and grow so that the tokens that they will receive will be worth more. It is a true community ecosystem all working in a unique harmonious way to benefit all that is involved.

What is the Tip Jar?

The BCT Tip Jar is where all the projects that come on an ama donate either $500 worth of tokens or max bag depending on how new the project is. At the end of the AMA the tip jar will be deposited into the Fuddoxx Vault for 15 days to mature then we hold a tip party for the top 25 holders of Fuddoxx and air drop them all equal shares of the projects in the vault. It’s a way of getting 25 new investors and they go to work on shilling the project as it improves their bag.

Vault Overview!

Below you will see a full overview of the Vault. Scroll down to see all tokens individual.