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Xrise Coin

BSC Contract: 0xA9a2979617cd10f9e6E1cc918FA82B1D15C9b8Df

What is Xrise?

Welcome to Xrise, the innovative gateway to long-term investment and passive income.
With volatility in the Crypto space so high the team at Xrise wanted to create a smart contract that offered an amount of certainty to investors. A way to invest whilst reducing the risk of loss as much as possible within the confines of the bsc world. Xrise’s unique smart contract works by controlling the max sell limit on every transaction thus minimizing the risk to holders but still nurturing exponential growth to offer passive income.

So Xrise allows any upper limit on investment but limits sells on each and EVERY single wallet that holds it.
Below is an example of how this works:

Investment $1000
24hr growth x5 = $5000

Day one withdrawal:
Initial investment $1000
Additional 10% profit $400
Total $1400
Remaining $3600

24hr growth x2 = $7200
Day 2 withdrawal:
10% of profit = $720……
And so on.

By utilizing this approach Xrise aims to stabilize bsc investment whilst generating wealth and reward